The Need for Video SEO

The past four years have seen an explosion of video content on the web. With the introduction of Google's universal search in 2007, the opportunity to leverage videos for digital marketing and the monetization of multimedia content has made Video SEO nothing short of essential.

Industry analysts predict that online videos will remain the most popular content format for advertising and marketing purposes in the years ahead. A study released by comScore in February 2010 showed that nearly 178 million Internet users in the United States watched online videos in December 2009, and more than 33 billion online videos were viewed for that month alone.

Thanks to the proliferation of online videos and the remarkable consumer interest in them, Video SEO can be leveraged as an economical way to market products and drive tremendous, targeted traffic.

Research has shown that well-optimized videos have a higher chance of securing page one rankings than traditional web content. But optimization is not just a matter of posting videos on YouTube, Yahoo!, or other portals. With the billions of videos readily viewable on the Internet, the challenge of ensuring that your content reaches its target audience is best left to our team of experts. is uniquely positioned to help your videos reach a much wider audience. We combine a variety of industry best practices and proprietary techniques to ensure that your videos receive maximum exposure online. Let us show you what we can do for you.

How Video SEO Bolsters Your Brand

Video SEO enables you to take advantage of the incredible opportunities that online video content can deliver to your brand and business. Since YouTube's introduction in 2005, online videos have seen enormous growth. In less than five years, video has become an integral part of our online experience, resulting in billions of videos being posted on the web.

Experts agree that visual presentations like videos and movies are more effective for learning and memory retention purposes than the written word. This means that video can help people remember your brand and unique offering much more effectively than traditional content can.

Importance of Video SEO

Online video optimization goes beyond simply uploading content to YouTube, Yahoo!, or other video portals. With the vast amount of videos available online, how can you ensure that yours will get the exposure it deserves?

We at are dedicated to getting your content the highest search rankings possible. Through a combination of industry best practices and innovative, proprietary techniques, we guarantee that your video content will:

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